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The New Coming Apple iOS 16

Recently Apple has officially confirmed that the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held online from June 6 to 10. There have been many revelations before about the new products that will be unveiled at this event. Now as the release event time is gradually approaching, the relevant information has gradually increased.

According to the official statement, this event will bring cutting-edge innovations in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Now there is also news again about a new upgrade that may be brought in iOS 16.

The news mentions that as part of the new iCloud+ subscription service launched at WWDC 2021, Apple has launched iCloud Private Relay. This function aims to send requests through two independent Internet relays to mask user information, so as to provide users with additional privacy and security layers. This feature is currently available to iCloud + subscribers as an optional "beta" feature, but a new report suggests that this may change in IOS 16 this year.

In a new report, Apple plans to roll out some new features for iOS 16 this year to further crack down on tracking of user data.


For now, iCloud Private Relay primarily provides Safari traffic to iCloud+ subscribers. It doesn't work with most other in-app traffic outside of Safari and some features in Mail. However, if the sources cited in this report are accurate, Apple could expand Private Relay as an always-on feature for other in-app traffic.


And Apple already does some IP rerouting for all users in Safari when visiting HTTP websites. This rerouting is done for all users, regardless of whether the user has iCloud Privacy Relay enabled.

However, there is currently no more accurate information about this function, and the actual application situation has yet to be verified later. In addition to the upgrades in the privacy section, the all-new ‌iOS 16‌ will also address issues with notifications, while adding a slew of improvements to the Health app.

In terms of overall system performance, Apple will bring enhanced notification improvements, collision detection capabilities, and initial support for Apple mixed reality devices. In the upgrade of the health application, Apple will expand the sleep tracking function, bring new drug management functions that can scan pills and remind people to take them, and provide new functions for women's health.