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The Updated information for iPhone 14 Include Release Date, Price, Specs etc

Apple's autumn conference this year is expected to be in October-November, and Apple will release the new iPhone in about four months. Now there are many exposures about the iPhone 14 series, which have been revealed in terms of price, design, hardware parameters, camera capabilities and charging interfaces

According to the revelation, the new iPhone 14 series will provide four models, namely four versions of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Unlike in the past, the two standard versions and the two Pro versions are very different this time. Many users expressed no interest in the standard version

As for the price of iPhone 14 series. The whole series increased by $100 compared with the previous generation:

iPhone 14 $799

iPhone 14 Max $899

iPhone 14 Pro $1099

iPhone 14 Pro Max $1199


The latest configuration parameters and renderings of the iPhone 14 series exposed by the media:

1). iPhone14/14 Max: The processor is still 5nm A15, the refresh rate is 60Hz, and the running memory is increased to 6GB. There are also media reports that the refresh rate is 90Hz.

2). iPhone14 Pro/14 Pro Max: The iphone14 Pro series has not only the latest “pill+hole” screen design, but also the highest refresh rate reaches the adaptive 120Hz. And equipped with the latest 4nm process A16 chip, plus a 48-megapixel main camera, the sense of experience is greatly increased. The high-resolution main camera, which brings 8K movie mode this time, has also perfectly upgraded the "perfect image system" of the iPhone's "ancestral". This is likely to be a huge selling point.

According to Ross Young's latest revelations, the iPhone 14 Pro/Max screen size is slightly larger than the 13 Pro series because of the difference due to the new "exclamation mark" punch-out design and narrower bezels on the iPhone 14 Pro/Max (further confirmed):

iPhone13 Pro, 6.06 inches

iPhone14 Pro, 6.12 inches

iPhone13 Pro Max, 6.68 inches

iPhone14 Pro Max, 6.69 inches

According to the disclosure information, the iPhone 14 series have some major changes compared to the iPhone 13 series. First of all, this generation of iPhone 14 Standard Edition has cut down the mini and replaced it with max. The iPhone 14 Standard Edition has two models, and the core configuration is exactly the same. The only difference is that the iPhone 14 is 6.1 inches, while the iPhone 14 Max is 6.7 inches. In addition, the A15 with 5 GPU cores used in the iPhone 14 Standard Edition and the same model of the iPhone 13 Pro have improved performance by about 20% compared with the A15 with 4 GPU cores used in the iPhone 13 pro. The iPhone 14 Pro series chips were upgraded to A16, the operation and storage specifications were upgraded to LPDDR5, and the screen design was changed to the “pill+hole”.