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Read this if you are planning to buy the iPhone 12

Apple has been released the iPhone 12 series in October,2020. This has made the greatest movement on the global mobile phone market. Is it worth us to join in the queue waiting in the Apple flagship store to purchase this new iPhone model? The comments about iPhone 12 take up all the headline mobile phone news of the websites. Here are the positive and negative about iPhone 12 we concluded from the comments. Hope this could be referenced for you if you are planning on buying an iPhone 12 in the flagship store.

1. Positives about iPhone 12

1.1). Powerful A14 chipset

The A14 chipset is the first chipset that is manufactured under 5 nm exquisite craft. Although the A14 is made under the same core CPU technology as the former generation, its network engine is more powerful and its accuracy is much better. As it is reported, the CPU/GPU of A14 has been promoted up to 20% than the A13 chipset. The iPhone 12 will be functionally more powerful on users’ experience because of this. The test has been made on the touch screen responsiveness speed, online game playing smoothness, apps switching, etc. The iPhone 12 all works better than the former generation.

1.2). Nano-ceramic crystal, OLED display screen, Slim and thick body

Besides the powerful internal chipset, the iPhone 12’s positive which makes people eager to buy it is that it has a toughness OLE display screen. This tough wide display screen is made of nano-ceramic crystal material, which is strong enough to resist the damage from crashing on the floor. Apple claimed that the iPhone 12 display screen’s toughness has been four times upgraded for the resistance of the damage from dropping impact. Furthermore, the slim and thick body is welcomed to iPhone users.

1.3).Ultra-wide camera modules

The iPhone 12 camera module reminds the same as triple rear cameras designed as iPhone 11 Pro. There are a wide vision and an ultra-wide vision camera contained in the rear camera module. It can plus the brightness to 27% even though we are taking photos in dark night. As long as we switch the camera mode, it will make our photos taking more brilliant and vivid no matter it is at the night or in the daytime. Also, it catches every detail of the vision and makes the clarity very well when we are taking photos and videos. It is awesome.

2. Negatives about iPhone 12

2.1). No charger and earbuds in the box

This will be the first reason people refused to buy it. Apple takes the charger and earbuds away in the new iPhone 12 box for the reason of environmental protection, at the same time, brings the negatives to this new iPhone model. Users have to pay extra money to purchase the accessories from a third party, with no warranty guarantee.

2.2). “Plastic blue”, easy paint off on frame

The blue color model is favorable to users when Apple showed the five color models in the presentation. Now it is a little disappointed because the color differs and it looks not as good as it is looked in the picture. Some of the viewers teasing on it and use “plastic blue” to describe it. What’s more, the frame edge is easy to be scratched and paint off. That’s also a reason it is not welcomed by users.

2.3). Battery capacity not good

The iPhone 12 battery is 2815 mAh, which is lower than the former generation of iPhone 11 battery with 3110 mAh. Since it is the first 5G iPhone model, it requires a higher battery power capacity so that it can keep working long enough for users. Based on the user’s feedback, the iPhone 12’s battery capacity is not good enough. Besides, the battery starts hearting when using it for a while. Apple officials claimed that the iPhone battery power is enough for 17 hours video playing. Now users are questioning this. That’s why we should reconsider buying the iPhone 12.   

We have to say, Apple has made a great improvement in the iPhone 12 series mobile phone technology. No matter the outside appearance or the inside components, iPhone 12 provides us the most splendid up-gradation and graceful function.